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More than 13 mill. cats are living in German households these days; our furry friends are the most popular pets in this country! For many years I shared my home with two of them, Luna and Lily. So far, I spent my entire adult life with cats, and I cannot imagine a life without feline company!

Living with cats is a constant learning process. Cats have the ability to surprise their humans over and over again! To fulfill our kitties' needs, we have to learn to understand them, to "think" like them. The most important things are good observation skills and much empathy. Furthermore, the internet is an inexhaustible source of information. Especially helpful are the numerous discussion boards where you can talk to other cat lovers. It's a great way to expand your horizon, and you will get a lot of advice also.

However, every now and then you'll come across someone who still believes in all these old-fashioned cock-and-bull stories and myths that are not only annoyingly persistent, but dangerous also! You'll still hear statements such as "Cats have nine lives, so why should I waste my money at the vet's?" or "The cat will know what's dangerous and what is not!" A fatal misconception, and many cats have paid for this with their lives ...

The purpose of this website is to inform about aspects of the human/feline coexistence which are still afflicted with antiquated beliefs. It would be nice if this website would give its readers some new, thought-provoking impulses. But please keep in mind that I'm only posting my personal views here; views that result from living with cats for many years and from numerous discussions with cat friends world wide that you do not necessarily have to share.